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Backpackers Insurance

Our backpackers are covered by our Discovery Travel Insurance, and is especially designed for backpackers, students on gap years or any young person looking for cheap travel insurance for long trips. Adventure sports activities are included as standard making it ideal if you plan to take the occasional hike, scuba dive, etc.


  • Long stay insurance up to 365 days
  • Medical expenses up to £5 million
  • Exam failure insurance
  • Full trip wintersports option
  • Sports and Activities included


Backpackers Insurance - Key Benefits


Medical Expenses

The last thing you want when you're abroad is to be landed with a massive hospital or clinic bill. What's more, trying to understand what the medical staff are telling you when not speaking their native tongue can be stressful to say the least. With up to £5 million cover for medical expenses you will be covered for ambulance costs, medical treatment, and medical emergency repatriation back home (if you have a return ticket), plus you have access to a 24 hour medical emergency assistance number.


Baggage & Personal Effects

You don't have to be a backpacker to take out this policy but it is designed for people travelling light. Both the Standard and Premier policies include baggage cover together with limited valuables insurance.


Cancellation or Curtailment

If someone you are travelling with or a close member of your family was to fall seriously ill and you had to return home, this policy will cover any additional costs you might incur provided you already have a return ticket.


Failed Exam Cover

If you are unfortunate to have to cancel your trip or return early due to you failing an approved exam, you will be covered for cancelling or cutting your trip short.




Backpacker Insurance