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The Discovery Travel Insurance policy is designed for backpackers and students on gap years offering cheap travel insurance for long trips. Adventure sports activities are included as standard making it ideal if you plan to take the occasional hike, scuba dive, etc.


Choosing a Gap Year?

Last year thousands of young people chose to take a break between leaving school and going on to higher education and of these a large percentage chose to journey abroad for a gap year adventure.


Many have been able to increase their life skills by joining volunteer schemes such as Raleigh International or the New Zealand based Global Volunteer Network while others simply choose to go their own way.


If you are planning to join this ever growing band of Gap Year Travellers, then amongst all the planning your thoughts should turn to Travel Insurance. Even if you are only travelling to Europe for a few months in France then it is equally as important to ensure you have some insurance.


This should cover you if you were to fall sick or ill, for instance, and had to be flown home in an emergency. European agreements on health care doesn't include such things and the cost of which can run into to many thousands of pounds.

Travel Insurance Direct's Backpacker Insurance is ideal for Gap Year Students and benefits from:


  • Full medical insurance including emergency repatriation and 24 hour / 365 day per year emergency hotline.
  • Cover from 5 to 365 days travel.
  • Adventure sports and hazardous activity cover (See Details) including wind surfing, scuba diving and a parachute jump and bungee jump.
  • Failed Examination Cover for university or college students.





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