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Student Travel Insurance

The low cost student travel insurance is ideal for backpackers and students on gap years offering cheap travel insurance for extended stay trips. Provided by our Discovery Insurance, adventure sports activities are included as standard making it a great policy to consider if you plan to take the occasional hike, scuba dive, etc.


Student Travel Advice

The following advice has been put together to help you enjoy your trip in safety.


Before you travel

Of course, it goes without saying that you should make sure you are insured and that you know exactly what you are and are nor covered for. It is particularly important that you check out for any travel warnings ( - select Travel Advice) because to travel to an area where it has been recommended you should not go may invalidate your policy. It makes pretty good sense too!


Double check to see that all your passports, visas, permits, vaccinations and other health requirements are up to date. A visit to is a good place to get all the information on travel health and safety and can tell you the about the risks how to get medical treatment around the world. Take a note of these web sites with you so you can access the latest information from your nearest cyber-cafe.


Talking of which, a cyber cafe is a great way of keeping in touch and for people to get in touch with you when you are out on your travels, so your pre-travel check you should include getting a hotmail or similar web based e-mail account.

Another very useful tip is to let someone at home, a friend or relative, or both, have copies of your travel itinerary wherever possible, details of any flight plans, copies of ticket, insurance policies and other documents, and card numbers.


Don't take large quantities of cash. Take travellers cheques and/or credit cards and don't forget most travel insurance policies have single article limits. Make sure you have with you the emergency numbers to cancel your credit cards too.

Don't forget an appropriate electrical adaptor for the country you're travelling too. You'll need one to power any electrical items you have with you.


Finally, taking a small first aid kit is a good idea, as is a basic sewing kit and a multitool.

When you are travelling

Do allow plenty more time for check in at ports and be careful when packing any carry on bags. Security measures are constantly changing. Travellers should keep hand baggage to a minimum and not to carry any sharp items, including scissors or penknives in hand baggage or on their person - these can be carried in hold baggage.

A good tip is not to leave your home address visible on your baggage. Display the telephone number and address of the hostel or hotel you are planning to stay at next if you know it.

Keep all valuables, passports and money on you. Never pack these items in checked in baggage. Take your activity and outdoor sports travel insurance documents with you.


General Safety Tips:

When you get to your destination find out where all the main text services are such as the Post Office, Police, Doctor and Medical Facilities. If you are staying in a hostel or hotel, check that the electrical fittings and heaters in your room are safe. Health and Safety standards are not always to the same standard we have in the UK.

Check that the tap water is safe to drink and if unsure, drink bottled water and avoid ice drinks.

Never leave belongings unattended or with strangers, especially at airports, stations, in resort, on the slopes or unattended in a vehicle. At your hotel, keep valuables and cash in a safe deposit box or in the hotel safe.

Please remember that you must obtain a police / hotel report in the event of any loss or theft. If anything is lost or damaged by the airline, get a "Baggage Irregularity Report". Original documents are required in order to settle your claim.

Finally, none of these tips preclude the use of plain common sense!


Keep Safe.