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Backpacking around the world can be one of the most exciting experiences of your life and one which many aspire to. Little wonder more and more travellers set off to explore the world independently each year.


Whilst as a backpacker you are unlikely to find yourself in difficulty, a few bits of safety advice will help you stay trouble free and have a memorable adventure for all the right reasons.


Backpacker Insurance

OK - the boring bit I know, and don't be put off by another expense. Backpacker Insurance is there to save you money (and also a nagging from you parents, who as I am sure you are aware know best!). Travel Insurance Direct's insurance for backpackers provide all the essentials you need:


Ski Season Insurance 

If you're a snow loving type it is quite possible that you will plan your trip to land at a ski resort for the ski season. An ordinary backpacker insurance policy wont cover you for any winter sports so check out the Ski Season insurance pages here:


Safety Abroad

Nobody likes to think that anything will happen to you whilst you're away. You're out there to enjoy yourselves. A quick glance at our safety guide will go some way towards helping you avoid trouble and keeping you safe.


Gap Years

Taking a break from studies or between studies and starting work is becoming increasingly popular. Some like to spend this time expanding on their life experiences and education whilst others are just out to have a good time! (... and why not!). We hope these Gap Year pages will provide some useful info, and don't forget your Gap Year Insurance too!