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Business Travel Insurance

Travel insurance for business travellers who want cover for their computer and other business equipment, Business Travel Insurance comes with choice of 24, 31, 45 and 60 day per trip plus the added benefit of option 24 days of wintersports cover.


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To apply for Business Travel Insurance use the form on the right and select Business Equipment.


Business Travel Insurance - Key Benefits

In addition to our comprehensive Annual Travel Insurance this policy also provides cover for:


Business Equipment, Computer Equipment & Communication Devices

You will be insured if any of the above are accidentally lost, stolen or damaged up to their value when necessarily carried by you in the course of your business.


Business Equipment Delay

Should business equipment be delayed or lost in transit on the outward journey for more than 24 hours you will be covered for the cost of purchasing necessities.

Emergency Courier of
Essential Business Baggage

You will be reimbursed for emergency courier expenses incurred when having to replace essential business equipment as a result of its loss, theft or damage.

Business Equipment Hire

You are insured for the cost of hiring any essential business equipment following its loss or breakage or misdirection or delay in transit for at least 12 hours.

Business Money

You will be covered for the loss of cash or travellers cheques.

Employee Replacement

You will be insured for the cost of an economy class return fare and other reasonable expenses incurred in sending out a substitute person to complete a trip in the event of your bodily injury or illness which is likely to last for at least seven days.