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Gap Years - Studying AbroadA gap year can be the ideal opportunity to study whilst living abroad. Popular choices include history – what better way to study than to learn the history of the country that you are staying in – and languages.


It’s a great way to learn more about the culture of your chosen country and looks great on your CV. Studying a language abroad is more fun and certainly more effective than learning at home. For a start you ’re constantly surrounded by people speaking the language you’re learning and it gives ample opportunity to practice your new skills on a daily basis.


The employment rate for persons completing a course is fantastic and should really help to further future career opportunities.


Learning on a gap year need’t be purely academic; there are many sporting, art, music and drama schools around the globe. Learn Thai boxing in Thailand , fine art in Italy or drama in New York , the opportunities are endless. By completing your chosen course you could use your new skills to gain employment and further fund your travels.


All universities and many colleges in this country give students the opportunity to spend a portion of there chosen course studying elsewhere in Europe . This isn’t always an option for all subjects so you’ll need to check with the relevant establishment. If you want to study outside of Europe it’s a good idea to check with the embassies first to ascertain if educational links are in place. One the most well established foreign study programmes is Erasmus which helps more than 10,000 UK students find learning placements within Europe each year.


An important consideration to make before embarking on any foreign study programme is adequate gap year travel insurance. It is important to check that it will cover you whilst studying abroad. Travel Insurance Direct offers its Discovery policy, which is primarily aimed at gap year students and backpackers.


IMPORTANT! Travel Insurance will cover you for your leisure time but please note that travel insurance will not be able to provide cover for risks related to most work. Check with the organisers first!