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A lot of people choose to work abroad whilst on their gap year as saving up enough money to cover all expenses can be a huge task. It’s a great way to add another string, or strings, to your bow and looks good on a cv when applying for future jobs. It will also give you a valuable insight into how other work cultures operate, something that many may not experience when just holidaying abroad.

Believe it or not, not knowing the language is not generally a major problem with many jobs as, rather embarrassingly, most of the world’s employers will have a good grasp of the English language.


A lot of the jobs on offer need little or no new skills such as bar work, waitressing, chalet cleaning jobs or even teaching English. The very lucky have been known to find internship, including full pay!


Always plan ahead before you leave, a good way of avoiding trouble areas is to check the official British Foreign Office website at and it is always worth considering just going as far as Europe if you would rather stay somewhere a little more familiar. It’s useful to know that you can work in any EU member country, as long as you hold a European Union passport, with no work permit or visa and there are plenty of opportunities for well paid jobs for people who have a good grasp of the relevant language.


IMPORTANT! Travel Insurance will cover you for your leisure time but please note that travel insurance will not be able to provide cover for risks related to most work. Check with the organisers first!

If you are planning on working further a field check that you have obtained the correct visas and work permits and ensure that your travel insurance will cover you in case of accident. Travel Insurance Direct offer a policy that allows you to do casual work as long as you are working at ground level only and not operating heavy machinery. We would recommend taking a few copies of your documentation with you and also ensure that you leave a copy of everything with and relative or friend back in the UK in case of any difficulty.


Many people will decide that working in Australia or New Zealand is for them; both permit under 30’s to work in their countries and will issue year long work visas. Be aware that this will only allow you to work for any one employer for a maximum of 3 months. If you wish to apply then you should visit for Australian Visa applications and for New Zealand visa forms.