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Who are Travel Insurance Direct?
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Who are you?

Q. Who is Travel Insurance Direct?
A. Travel Insurance Direct is the trading name of Travel Insurance Agencies Limited. We are an independent travel insurance intermediary, who act as issuing agents for The Underwriters. Travel Insurance Agencies Limited are authorised and regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority.


Applying On-line

Q. Is it safe to apply on-line?
A. When you make an application through our web site, your details are encrypted using industry standard technologies designed to make transmitting data secure.

If you have difficulty using the form, have any questions, or you prefer not to use our on-line application form, you may still make your application using our credit card hotline - 0800 652 9944 - which is open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

Q. What happens to my personal information when you receive it?
A. Once we have received and processed your application, usually the same day, your credit card details are deleted from our records thereby adding to the security. We will never pass on any of your personal information to third parties and abide by the Data Protection Act 1998.



Q. I am travelling on a one-way ticket, visiting several countries on the way. Are you able to cover me?
A. We are able to issue cover for you, but the period of the insurance shall terminate on expiry of the policy period, or no later than 24 hours after you leave immigration control of your final destination. To obtain a quote use your UK departure date as normal and the date you arrive at your final destination as your return date.

Q. Can I take part in any sporting or hazardous activities whilst abroad and still be covered?
A. Yes, there is a range of activities covered by our policies, mainly when participated in on an incidental basis. These include trekking, scuba diving and white water rafting. Please see the individual policy pages for details of these activities. Some activities will be subject to a reduction in cover or an increase in the excess payment.

Click here for details of Sports and Hazardous Activities.

Q. What does "an incidental basis" mean?

A. An incidental basis basically means on a casual or fortuitous basis. For instance, if you were going on a week long scuba diving holiday then the scuba diving would be on a non-incidental basis. Likewise, if you are going on an activity holiday with lots of different activities, all would be seen as non-incidental.

Click here for details of Sports and Hazardous Activities.


Q. I have a connecting flight / stop over outside my area of travel, am I covered? (For example, I am travelling to Australia for 6 months via USA, and wish to spend a few days in Los Angeles on the way out.)

A. Yes, as long as you don't stay outside your area of travel for more than 25% of the total length of your trip to a maximum of 60 days.

Q. One of my family is ill and I may have to cancel our holiday. Will I be covered?
A. If it is a close family member or relative* and their condition was not known about at the time of booking the insurance / trip then a claim may be made.
(*spouse, parent, parent in law, step parent, step child, son, son in law, daughter, daughter in law, grandparent, grandchild, brother or sister, brother in law or sister in law, fiancée or common law partner)



Q. Which policy would best suit me?
A. There are two main types of travel policies;
    a. Single Trip

    b. Multi-Trip.
If you travel abroad more than twice a year, you may find our Annual Multi Trip policy more cost-effective. It offers you unlimited trips per year with options for 24, 31, 45, or 60 days per trip for one annual premium. You travel as and when you please and you don't need to let us know each time you travel. Wintersports enthusiasts will be pleased to hear that 24 days cover for skiing or snowboarding can be included.

Q. How do I know which duration of cover is right for me?
A. When calculating the duration of cover that you need you must include the day that you depart and the day you return. We can only cover people who are departing from the UK or Eire and returning to their country of departure.

In most cases however, we can normally extend policies for people who decide to stay abroad for longer than they originally intended. (See Extending Your Policy)

Q. How soon before I leave should I book my insurance?
A. We always recommend you have insurance as soon as you have purchased your tickets. That way you will be protected under the Cancellation cover section of your policy. On single trip policies cancellation cover is available from the date you purchase the insurance, irrespective of the date you travel. On Multi Trip policies cancellation cover starts on the date you request the policy to start.

Q. I am a UK resident and I am already abroad. Am I able to book insurance? or I am already abroad and have let my policy lapse.
A. We are only able to cover people who have not yet left the country or whose policy has not expired. You may be able to get cover through World Nomads. Click here for more information.

Q. I am not a UK national, but I have been living in the UK for a short period. Am I able to apply for the insurance?
We can insure people who have had a permanent UK address for 6 months or more immediately prior to taking out insurance and agree to be repatriated to the UK in the event of an emergency. You may be able to get cover through World Nomads. Click here for more information.

Also see Cover.


Last Minute Travel

Q. I have left the travel insurance until the last minute. Can you cover me?
A. No problem. Many of our customers arrange cover from the departure lounge of the airport. It takes just a few minutes to arrange over the phone, and you are covered subject to clearance of payment. However, we will be unable to issue insurance for your trip if you have already passed through security to the "air side".

Please note however that there may be parts of the insurance you are unfamiliar with so please ask. It will also be very helpful if you are able to choose a quiet area of the airport!

Q. I don't have enough time to receive my insurance documents.
A. The easiest way for you to receive sufficient information to travel with is to purchase your travel insurance on this web site. You will receive an electronic cover note by e-mail which will have all the emergency contact numbers and claims information.

If you are booking by phone, we can arrange to send you the relevant policy information by fax or e-mail. You can obtain all the benefits of the insurance without the original copy. We need to issue you with a validation number and you also need the telephone number of the medical emergency service.

Please do not rely on using out of date policy documents - contact details and cover may change.


Extending Your Policy

Q. If I decide to stay abroad for longer than I planned can I extend my policy?
A. Yes, a policy can usually be extended if you decide to stay beyond your original return date provided the policy has not elapsed. You will need to provide us with your existing policy details together with the date you plan to return.

In most cases we can approve the extension straight away, but if you have made a previous claim on the existing insurance or there has been a change in your medical condition, then we would refer the application to the underwriters. In such cases, please allow at least 6 working days for a decision to be made.

Someone can extend a policy on your behalf if phoning from abroad is awkward for you. Please make sure that they have your Validation Certificate Number and know if there are any pre-existing medical conditions or if any claims have been made on your insurance.

To apply for an extension, please call 01603 561 160.

Q. I have allowed my policy to expire while abroad, am I still able to extend the policy?
A. Unfortunately, we are only able to extend a policy which is still valid. Neither can we start new policies for people who are already abroad. You may be able to get new cover through World Nomads. Click here for more information.


Payment & Refunds

Q. What are my payment options?
A. We accept all major credit and debit cards including Amex, Maestro and Solo. We cannot accept Diners cards.

We can accept payment for Cheques and Postal Orders for telephone applications only. Cheques or Postal Orders should be made payable to Travel Insurance Agencies Limited. Please note that payment must be received in full before any policy can be issued.

Q. I wish to pay by cheque, do I have enough time to receive the cover?
A. We process the cheque immediately, and issue cover on the same day the cheque is received.

Q. Can I get a refund on the difference if I return early?
A. No. Single Trip insurance expires* as soon as you return to the UK / Eire ( Multi-Trip policies have slightly different conditions).

* On trips of 4 months or more, one return trip back to the UK is permitted but the insurance will be suspended for the return trip. The policy will still expire on the same date.



Q. Can I work while I'm abroad?
A. There are limitations as to the type of work you can do and whether or not it is casual or full time. Work is seen to mean the same even if it is unpaid voluntary work. Please see our list of activities for those work activities we are able to cover. Click Here.



Q. What are considered to be valuables?
A. This depends on the policy and where baggage is included. On the Travel Bond, Ski, Annual Multi Trip Policies valuables include: Photographic Equipment, electrical or electronic equipment of any kind, video and audio equipment telescopes and binoculars, spectacles and sunglasses, jewellery, watches, furs, silks, leather goods, precious metals and gems. On the Discovery Policy: Photographic & Video Equipment, MP3 players and iPods.



Q. Who do I contact when making a claim?
A. If You need to make a claim please obtain a claim form no later than 31 days after the event by calling the number on your policy certificate, cover note, or in your policy booklet.

Q. I am away for a year. If I need to make a claim, what is the procedure?
A. The same as above.


Accidents & Illness

Q. If I have an accident or injury while skiing, will I be airlifted from the mountain?
A. Your policy covers you for transportation by whatever means deemed appropriate to take you to a medical facility as a result of a covered claim.

Q. Am I covered while skiing off-piste?
A. Off piste skiing is covered as standard. However you must not deliberately put yourself in danger by ignoring local safety warnings or skiing in areas designated as unsafe by resort management or other relevant authorities.

Q. What should I do if I fall sick or have an accident whilst I am abroad?
A. You should contact the emergency service provider immediately - details will be found on your Policy Certificate and Policy Schedule booklet.


Medical Conditions

Q. I have a medical condition, I'm unsure whether I wish to disclose it.
A. If you are unsure about what constitutes a medical condition then you should declare it. Failure to do so may invalidate part or all of your policy. Click here for details.

Q. How do I declare a medical condition?
A. We operate a telephone medical screening service. Click here for details.


Making a Complaint

It is the intention to give you the best possible service but if you do have any questions or concerns about this Insurance or the handling of a claim you should follow the complaints procedure below:

For complaints regarding policy sales write to: Travel Insurance Agencies Limited, Suite 316 Sackville Place, 44-48 Magdalen Street, Norwich, NR3 1JU

For complaints regarding claims write to ONE Claims, 1 - 4 Limes Court, Hoddesdon, Herts, EN11


Contact Information

Our comprehensive FAQ's should answer most questions you may have. If you want to ask a question not covered here, please e-mail us or phone us on the number below.



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