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Travel Insurance Glossary of Terms

The following Travel Insurance Glossary of Insurance Terms are designed to be a general guide to some of the words used on this web site. You must always refer to the Policy Schedule for full details and explanation of these terms. Exclusions may apply.



Insurance Term Definition
Accident A loss sustained through an unexpected event.
Assistance Services Services provided by the 24-hour Assistance Company regarding medical matters and expenses, loss of travel documents, credit cards, luggage, etc.
Personal Effects and Baggage Coverage for personal property taken or purchased on trip which is accidentally lost, stolen or damaged.
Benefits The amount you receive in respect of a claim that is covered.
Cancellation Necessary cancellation prior to departure because of unforeseen events such as serious illness, injury, death, etc.
Cash Currency, notes and coins,
Catastrophe Natural catastrophe causing disruption to your trip (including hurricane,   fire, lightning, explosion, earthquake, storm, tempest, flood)
Claims Handler The loss adjusters listed on the policy certificate.
Close Business Associate Any person whose absence from business for one or more complete days at the same time as you prevents the effective continuation of that business.
Common Law Partner Any couple (including same sex) in a common law relationship who have cohabited for at least six months
Curtailment Cutting your trip short because of unforeseen events such as serious illness, injury, death, etc.
Curtailment Costs Costs incurred to return insured home before booked return date.
Dangerous Sports Coverage which is excluded because of increased risk of injury or Pastimes
Date of Issue The date shown on your policy showing when it was issued / purchased
Emergency Repatriation Return to the UK by air ambulance if necessary and an accompanying doctor or nurse if required.
Excess This is the portion of the claim which you have to pay.
Hazardous Activity An activity where it is recognised there is an increased risk of injury or can be reasonably expected to exacerbate an existing medical condition.
Holiday Abandonment Cancellation due to a delay of not less than 24 hours beyond scheduled departure time.
Your Home Your usual place of residence in the U. K. including BFPO addresses members of the armed forces.
Hospitalisation Benefit

An additional benefit to cover incidental expenses which is paid if the Insured is a hospital in-patient as a direct result of a covered accidental injury or illness. This is separate from Medical Expenses.

Incidental Basis Participation in a hazardous activity on a casual, fortuitous, occasional or minor  basis.  Sports tours and/or activity holidays would be considered to include participation in hazardous activities on a non-incidental basis.
Insured Persons:  The names listed on the policy certificate.
Level of Cover The amount covered under each Section of the Policy
Material Facts Any fact known to Insured which is likely to influence the Underwriter in acceptance, assessment or continuation of insurance.
Medical Expenses Medical expenses incurred as a result of accidental bodily injury or illness.
Missed Departure If you miss your first outward bound trip or final inbound trip because of the failure of a scheduled public transport service or the breakdown or accident of a private car in which you are travelling.
Money & Documents Bank and currency notes, coins, travel and admission tickets, accommodation and meal vouchers.
Mugging Benefit Inpatient hospital treatment following a violent, threatening attack by a third party causing actual bodily harm.
Pair or Set Two or more items of personal effects which are complimentary or used or worn together.
Personal Accident A compensationary payment made in the event of permanent disablement or death. This is distinct from Medical Expenses.
Personal Liability Covers your legal liability for accidental injury to third parties or accidental damage to their property.
Personal Money Cash and travellers cheques
Piste Closure If Ski Cover is Purchased: When skiing is prohibited for a period longer than 12 hours during specific periods depending on location, hemisphere and altitude.
Policy Document Document which outlines what is and is not covered and conditions of cover.
Pre-existing Medical Condition Any ongoing medical condition, or condition, which has or will require medical treatment, including consultations or advice, within last 12 months.
Property Claims Claims are based on value of good at time of loss with deduction for wear, tear and depreciation
Public Transport A train, bus, coach or ferry service, or scheduled flight, running to a published timetable to join the booked travel itinerary
Reasonable Care Insured must take reasonable care to prevent illness, injury, loss or damage to self or property as if uninsured.
Reciprocal Health Agreement This is an agreement between certain European countries entitling their citizens to certain free health arrangements upon production of European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)
Relative Spouse, parent, parent-in-law, step-parents, step children, son, son-in-law, daughter, daughter-in-law, grandparents, grandchild, brother, brother-in-law, sister, sister-in-law, fiancé(e) or common law partner
Repatriation See Emergency Repatriation
Scheduled Airline Cover for sums paid in advance in event of insolvency of scheduled airline Failure provider.
Single Item Any one article, Pair, Set or collection    
Ski Equipment If Ski Cover is Purchased: Skis, ski boots, ski sticks, ski bindings, snowboard, snowboard bindings and snowboard boots
Ski Hire If Ski Cover is Purchased: Loss, breakage or delay in transit of the Insured’s ski equipment necessitating the hire of ski equipment.
Ski Pack If Ski Cover is Purchased: Cover for unused ski pass, ski hire or lesson fees resulting from accident or sickness, or loss or theft of ski pass
Sports Equipment Items which are usually worn, carried, used or held during the participation of a sporting activity
Territorial Limits The geographical areas or countries as designated on the quote or policy certificate
Travel Delay  The delay of first outward and/or final inbound flight, rail or sea trip from the UK.
Travel Documents Passport, green card, travel tickets, visas, accommodation vouchers and petrol coupons which are lost or stolen.
Travelling Companion A person who is booked to travel with the Insured.
Underwriter The Underwriter is the firm who actually insures you as distinct from the broker or issuing agent.
Valuables Certain items such as, but not limited to, photographic equipment, jewellery, sunglasses, etc. which are detailed in the policy schedule.
Wintersports If Ski Cover is Purchased: You can find a list of wintersports here.
Withdrawal of Services  Facilities withdrawn by your pre-booked hotel due to strike or industrial action following purchase of insurance