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Travel Insurance Direct supports the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office's Know Before You Go campaign.

Know Before You Go is an awareness campaign aimed at encouraging British travellers to prepare better before going overseas.

At the heart of the campaign is a travel advice web site which not only provides advice and information on a myriad of travel related subjects but also gives up to date country information. This country advice section provides vital information on the advisability to travel to any particular country, and rather less dramatically can give a useful insight on how to make the most of your time their.

The Country Advice section is used by insurance companies to determine whether it is safe to travel to a particular country or area and in doing so determines if insurance will be available to anyone travelling there.

* Travel Advice by Country
* Travel Insurance
* Terrorism Risks
* It'll never happen to me
* Sustainable Tourism
* Travel Check Lists
* Travel Health
* Places to find out more.





Know Before You Go

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office runs a special campaign - Know Before You Go - to help British travellers prepare for their trips overseas.
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European Health Insurance Card

Replacing the E111 Reciprocal Health Care Agreement, the European Health Insurance Card may be able to reduce any medical excess that is normally charged by obtaining and completing this form.
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Foreign & Commonwealth Office

The purpose of the FCO is to work for UK interests in a safe, just and prosperous world. We do this with some 16,000 staff, based in the UK and our overseas network of over 200 diplomatic offices.
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Fit for Travel

A web site provided by NHS (Scotland) giving travel information for people travelling abroad from the UK.
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Friendly Planet

International Group tours and Discount travel packages. Tour package operators specializing in high quality, discount international travel arrangements
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