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Ski Canada

Although Canada has wonderful skiing for all levels, ski Canada tends to attract the die-hard skiers who enjoy the big outdoors and plenty of challenge.  If you are fit and healthy you can a have a try at all kinds of ways of getting down a mountain, including snowboarding, cross country, backcountry, heli-skiing, telemarking and snow-cat skiing.


If you plan to set off on a winter sports holiday, especially high adventure skiing, it is particularly important that you make sure you purchase your winter sports insurance! 


Skiing in Canada offers you a wide variety of terrain, from the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia and Alberta to the Laurentian Mountains of Quebec and Ontario.   Of the ten Canadian Provinces and three Territories there is skiing to be found in some form or other in all but two of them (Northwest Territories and Nunavut), so you are spoilt for choice if skiing in Canada is on your mind.  

In some parts of Canada they receive over 40 feet of the white gold!  What more could you want?  With that much snowfall you are sure to find plenty of opportunities to make your tracks in fresh powder.


For the really adventurous there are backcountry and cross country ski lodges to be found, so pack your touring or telemark equipment and set off to experience the real Canadian wilderness areas without the crowds, lift lines and other tourist trappings.   Perhaps you have always dreamed of snow-cat or heli-skiing?  Well Canada is a wonderful place to have a go.  Floating through deep powder on your boards or skis in a timeless, peaceful winter wonderland could become a reality.  


There are also lodges especially equipped for cat- and heli-skiing to help make your experience a safe and unforgettable one. As these particular modes of skiing are not without dangers such as avalanches and blizzards, you should do your homework on safety procedures, and make use of the experienced guides on hand at the lodges. 


The major Canadian ski resorts that most skiers will have heard of include Whistler/Blackcomb and Banff, but check the list opposite for many other destinations.   In case you didn’t know, Vancouver and Whistler/Blackcomb mountains are planned as the venue for the 2010 Winter Olympics! 


Don’t forget to check on entry requirements for Canada when planning your trip.  They speak English in all but the French-speaking Quebec and you will need to get yourself some Canadian Dollars to enjoy all this fun!