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Nowadays there are plenty of great ski resorts and areas throughout the world which cater to snowboarders.  Resorts and ski areas are upgrading and improving the snowboarding terrain and facilities each season, so keep checking on your favourite destinations for their latest news! 


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Adventures and life on snow in Colorado

2017 Burton Flight Attendant Snowboard

I’ve almost always had a pow board in the lineup. In the late 90s and early 2000s it was an Option Signature 162. After moving to Steamboat and playing around with the Burton Fish and Vapor, I fell in love with the Malolo and rode it as my deep-day board for a few years. Then …

Fluidstance “What Moves You” Feature

Over the summer I wrote a review of the Fluidstance Level balance board and how I’ve been using it at my standing desk. They recently followed up with an interview for their a blog feature called “What Moves You: Chris Rogers Lives Life in Motion.” Check it out on their site, linked below, to hear …

First Chair, Last Call: Jump Start Your Resolutions for Education & Training

Tune in for our first podcast episode of the year, focused around setting ski and snowboard resolutions and sticking to them!

First Chair: How to Make the Most of Lean Snow for Lessons + Training

Tune in for this episode with George Thomas, Stacey Gerrish, and me on making the most of teaching and training during lean snow seasons. Maybe we can even provide better training opportunities when the powder days are few and far between?

First Chair: Fall Conference 2017 – Meet the AASI Snowboard Team

For the first time ever we sat the whole team down to record an episode with the entire snowboard team! Listen in as we tell some stories, share some insights, and give each other some crap!






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