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Snowboarding Safety

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Needless to say, due to the nature of this sport, with the aerial stunts, tricks, high speed and equipment used, there is a high risk of injury.  Protective clothing and gear is essential.  Safety equipment includes items like padded snowboard pants, helmet, goggles, and wrist guards.  Proper, well-fitting, snowboarding boots are essential.  Further padded clothing is preferable. 


It’s best to purchase your gear from a reputable snowboard shop where the staff will be trained to assist you.  You’ll need to make sure you have the correct equipment for your body type and level of skill.  Boots and bindings are particularly important.


To be comfortable for a day on the slopes, wear layers for warmth, and choose bright colours for maximum visibility.  Waterproof fabrics are also a must.  Snowboarding is a lot of fun, but safety should always be in your mind.  Staying in control and controlling your speed is essential. 



Be aware of the other skiers and boarders around you, and give way to those lower down on the slopes.  However, remember that most accidents and fatalities occur due to collisions with objects like trees and lift towers!   Until you are proficient and sure of your ability to stop quickly if needed, stay on the easy runs and avoid skiing in crowded areas.


As with any sport, it is essential to get your self into shape.  Consult your doctor before taking up any fitness regime.  Start a regular exercise routine or join a gym where you can be instructed on how to target the ski muscles.   Remember to warm up your muscles before you hit the slopes, and again after any stops for lunch or drinks.   Invest in professional instruction to learn the basics as it is vital to know the rules and simple skills which could save an injury, such as learning how to fall ‘safely’.  If possible ski with a buddy at all times.  Check on weather conditions before you head out for the slopes and make sure you have the correct clothing and gear.  Remember that skiing on a sunless day will mean ‘flat’ light and the bumps and detail of the terrain will be harder to see. 


For complete information and guidance we highly recommend you take lessons with a certified instructor, but here’s a quick checklist of general reminders:


  • Give boarders and skiers beneath you on the piste the right of way when going downhill.  You can see them and avoid them, but they can’t see you!
  • If you have to stop on a run, keep to the sides of the piste. 
  • Always look both ways, up and down a run, before entering or crossing a run.
  • Use safety equipment to prevent your skis or board from running away – It could cause potentially serious injury to others on the slope.
  • Avoid entering closed runs or out-of-bounds areas.  Obey posted rules and signs. 




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