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Advice and Information for Boarders


Snowboarding is hugely popular all over the world!  Many die-hard skiers will never get out of their ski bindings but those who do convert - or at least give it a try - will join the throngs who are already enjoying this exciting sport!


Snowboarding is basically just another way of getting down a mountain, but on one big board instead of two skinny ones!  Boarding has huge appeal for young skiers who find it easy to switch from their surfboards or skateboards. It’s basically the same technique, except on snow. 


Learning to ski or snowboard takes time while you adjust your balance, plus you’ll need to concentrate on your body posture for it all to come together.  One of the first things you’ll need to figure out is whether your natural riding stance is ‘regular’ or ‘goofy’ – basically whether you ride with your left or right foot in front.


Beginner skiers can escape into a safe ‘snow plow’ position to slow themselves down – but boarders can always sit down!  One good thing with boarding is you won’t encounter the common learner-skier mistake of taking a fall because of crossing your skis tips!  Snowboarding means you have both feet attached to a snowboard with bindings.  Instead of shifting your weight from one ski to the other, a boarder will need to use their weight and push their toes or heels down hard on the board to dig the edges of the board into the snow. 





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