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Travel Advice Tips & Hints



Choosing the right place to stay is everything to the enjoyment of your holiday and this is particularly if you are on your own or travelling with young children.


Follow these simple guidelines to help reduce the chances of you becoming an easy target to those who may want to ruin your holiday.


  • If you can, choose a room above the first floor of your hotel, as there is less chance for burglars to breakd in. Ground floor rooms with access to the beach or pool area may be a nice luxury but remember that these are at higher risk from thieves.

  • If you are unsure about someone at your hotel room door, call reception to confirm the identity of the caller and reason for their visit.

  • Suspicious packages or envelopes sent to your room should never be opened. Open only if you know the sender and are expecting the package.

  • It is always worth leaving the television or radio on when leaving your accommodation. At night, leave a bedside light on.

  • Take your room key with you rather than leave it at reception. Make a seperate note of your room number too.

  • Some hotels will want to retain passports for review by police or other government officials. To reduce the likelihood of your passport falling into the wrong hands, try to obtain its return as soon as possible. Make sure you make a copy of the data information pages of your passport.

  • Ask hotel management how guests are notified when there is an emergency. Check for emergency exits with a visual check where possible to ensure they are not padlocked. Hotels should have instructions in English on the back of your door on what to do in the case of emergencies.

  • Find out what the accommodation's first aid arrangements are.

  • When staying in a hotel, apartment or villa, always use any available door latch, bolt or deadlock to secure all doors and windows.