When You Arrive

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When You Arrive

When You Arrive


  • One of the most vulnerable points during an overseas trip is when travelling between the airport and your accommodation. Avoid wandering in car parks, garages and public places and beware of distractions that may be set up by criminals to commit a crime.

  • Familiarise yourself on the use of telephones. Check with hotel staff on operating procedures for making domestic and international telephone calls and clarify what operator services are available e.g. operator assistance, information etc. These steps will enable you to quickly call your home country in case of an emergency.

  • Familiarise yourself with road signs, general road rules and traffic patterns. Stop at all traffic lights and learn the crossing procedures for public streets. People have been seriously injured after being struck by a vehicle when failing to observe local traffic conditions.

  • When checking into your hotel, notice how the staff are dressed. Criminals may attempt to dress the same as hotel employees in order to commit crime.

  • Familiarise yourself with your accommodation's emergency procedures.

  • If there is a 'welcome' meeting, try to attend. Use the opportunity to gather as much information as possible about the local area, customs and etiquette, banks, supermarkets and police station, safe places to go, local transport and general facilities etc.

  • When checking-in to your hotel, arrange to have personal use of a safety deposit box for the safe-keeping of any valuables, money and documents.

  • Always check that the water is drinkable, including water for food preparation as well as for cleaning teeth. If in doubt, use bottled water.

  • Don't exert yourself on the first day - give yourself a chance to acclimatise.