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Africa is the second largest continent on earth, after Asia.  This huge land mass encompasses many different cultures, countries, landscapes and climates – and many hundreds of different languages. 


From the Mediterranean coast of North Africa to the Saharan desert, to the savannas of Central Africa, to South Africa’s spectacular coastline and tropical beach paradises, there is so much to see and do in Africa that it could take many lifetimes, or certainly many trips.


Africa is a dream destination of many travellers.  It is also a place of learning and compassion for students and backpackers on gap year adventures and taking up volunteering opportunities.


As a small taster: the Mediterranean coast of North Africa offers sunshine resorts and colourful souks and bazaars.  Many might prefer the arid landscape and sand dunes of the Saharan desert.  Further south there are even more amazing and changing landscapes, with Mt. Kilimanjaro and the vast grasslands, savannas, and popular safari destinations in Namibia, Kenya and TanzaniaSouth Africa’s coast is a draw for many with its beaches, penguin colonies, and many sights and activities, such as whale watching.  Who could resist the tropical paradise beaches of places like Mozambique, or the weird and wonderful creatures of Madagascar. 


Care should be taken in preparation for a trip to Africa.  Visit your doctor well in advance for advice on vaccinations and other health issues.  Some parts of Africa may be more advanced than others, and it is not unusual for medical emergencies to mean being transported elsewhere.  Always take out comprehensive travel insurance and check to make sure it has adequate levels of medical insurance, as well as cover for evacuation by air ambulance and medical repatriation. 








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