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Egypt MapEgypt is a country which offers an amazing wealth of history and sights to delight even the most jaded traveller.


The Mediterranean Sea lies to the north, Libya to the west side, Sudan to the south, and Israel and the Red Sea borders the east side. The Suez Canal separates it from the Sinai Peninsula.


Approximately ninety percent of the population is located in the Nile Valley area. Much of the country however, is desert. The awesome sights are too many to detail here, from the pyramids and temples to the tombs, monuments, monasteries, oases and camel trains. The ancient history is truly mind-boggling.


The Red Sea is a wonderland for water sports enthusiasts. The scuba diving and snorkelling among the array of sea life and corals is fantastic. The palm-fringed beaches and clear blue waters of the Mediterranean are a must for sun-seekers.


Egypt has also become a favourite destination for golfers with several world-class courses located on the coast, in the desert and oases.

Major cities and tourist destinations in Egypt include Cairo - the capital, Alexandria, Aswan, and Luxor.


A visit to Cairo, the largest city, can now be enjoyed amid modern comforts, while exploring all the pyramids and famous ancient historical sights and sunsets over the Nile. Located beside the Mediterranean Sea , the second largest city is Alexandria . Alexandria is enjoyed as a destination for its mild climate, and wonderful beaches. Likewise, Aswan is another favored winter retreat destination, set on the Nile , and with a more African influence. Luxor is most famously known for its temples and proximity to the Valley of the Kings.


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