The Gambia Travel Guide

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The Gambia

Although Gambia is a relatively small country it has a steady flow of package holiday makers. Although Gambia is surrounded by French speaking countries, it’s main language is British.


The tourist areas are naturally located along it’s Atlantic coast and include the towns of Kololi, Fajara, Bakau and Kotu which all have gorgeous white sandy beaches.


The Capital of Gambia is Banjul, which is a relatively small yet lively place. It draws many tourists due to it’s excellent nightlife, friendly atmosphere and bustling markets. If your looking for an altogether more African experience the city of Serekunde is the real hotbed of activity.


On the northern banks of the River Gambia is the small village of Juffure, round 15 miles from Banjul. The African American author Alex Haley made the village famous during the 1970’s after the publication of his book Roots, where he traces his ancestor Kunta Kinte, back to the village where he was captured and put into slavery in America around 200 years ago.



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