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Ivory Coast

The Côte D'Ivoire, originally known as the Ivory Coast, is a French speaking country in W. Africa.  It is a Republic located on the south coast of the western side of Africa. Mali lies to the north, Ghana east, Gulf of Guinea to the south and Liberia and Guinea to the west.


The capital, Abidjan is the largest and most energetic city. Yamoussoukro, the capital has an impressive cathedral.   There are national parks to be explored. Apart from the mountaineous region in the northwest, most of the Ivory Coast is a plateau. The mix of native people are known collectively as Ivorians.


Map of Ivory CoastThe capital, Yamoussoukro’s main attraction is the Basilique de Notre Dame de la Paix, which is a replica of St. Peter’s in Rome. It has very impressive stained glass windows.

Abidjan is, however, still the most lively city. A popular attraction in Abidjan is the Hotel Ivoire, which provides a movie theater, skating rink, casino, bowling alley, tennis courts, and a European style supermarket.



There is a game park, the Parc National de la Comoe, which is located in the high savanna in the north east which contains animals such as elephants, hippos, lions, and many types of birds.


The western city of Man, home of the Dan people, is a very beautiful area with forests and mountains and is noted for its masks and stilt dances.


Other surrounding areas are collectors havens for masks and woodcarvings.






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