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Morocco is a land of contrasts and strange beauty. There is a deeply traditional culture based on Islam, even though it only takes an hour by ferry from Spain.


Map of Morocco

You can also feel like you have gone back to medieval times whilst walking through 1000 year old medinas. From snowcapped mountains dotted with tiny villages, desolate desert wilderness, beautiful beaches and modern cosmopolitan cities the whole country buzzes with vibrant life.


The 4 great imperial cities of Fez , Marrakesh , Meknes and Rabat have huge squares serving up a multitude of culinanary delights accompanied by rhythmic music, surrounded by snake charmers and story-tellers.


If you only have one week and you would like to see amazing geological landscapes, palm oasis, painted rocks, and the Berber way of life, Tafraoute is not to be missed. Only two hours drive from Agadir , the drive is almost as stunning as the destination. The town of Tafraoute is only two hours drive from Agadir and it a great place to soak up the Berber way of life, there are also amazing landscapes with oasis and many painted rocks.






















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