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Tanzania is located in the eastern part of Africa on the Indian Ocean between Mozambique and Kenya.


Tanzania is the largest of the E. African countries. Uganda and Kenya lie to the north, Burundi , Congo and Rwanda to the west, and Mozambique , Zambia and Malawi to the south. The country is comprised of different types of terrain, including coastal plains, plateau and mountains. A famous landmark which runs through Tanzania is the Great Rift Valley .


This scenic valley also contains many lakes. Mt.Kilimanjaro lies to the north and is the highest point in Africa (19,340’). The three famous and scenic lakes in Tanzania are: Lake Victoria , Lake Tanganyika and Lake Nvasa.


A German colony occupied the area at the turn of the 19 th century and then it became British territory in 1919. In 1964 Tanzania was formed when Zanzibar and Tanganyika merged. When Idi Amin’s Uganda tried to invade the country Tanzania repelled them and the result was the outsting of Uganda ’s infamous leader.


The population is mainly native African, with a high percentage being of the Bantu tribe. The main religions are Christian and Muslim with some other indigenous religions. Many languages are spoken, including the official language of Swahili but English is widely spoken, especially in areas of commerce. Arabic is also spoken in many areas.


For those wishing to visit the coastal areas and beaches, there are many miles of beautiful coast and white sandy beaches along the Indian Ocean.


However, most visitors toTanzania are there for the safaris. Northern Tanzania is the area with the most popular game parks and reserves, including the famous Serengeti National Park and Africa ’s highest mountain, Mt. Kilimanjaro .

The southern part of the country also has some very good but less well-known game parks and reserves and is reputed to have the largest populations of elephants, among other species. There are several rivers which also create a great opportunity for seeing the animals by boat .


The western park of the country has some very good parks also that are situated close to Lake Tanganyika and are known for their chimpanzees and various research projects.


At the NE end ofTanzania, Mt. Kilimanjaro provides thrills for the adventurous who enjoy a challenge. Climbing this mountain will take you through jungle areas to snow and amazing views when the summit is reached. The mountain can be climbed at any time of the year, although the conditions and availability of accommodation can vary with the time of year.

Just off the coast, the island of Mafia is a paradise retreat for those wishing to relax. The part of the island called Chole Bay has a marine park and is reputed to have some of the most fantastic diving in the world amongst its coral reefs. Swimming, snorkelling, sailing and diving are popular activities in this area.


Some visitors may wish to see the Serengeti by hot air balloon. Deep sea fishing trips can be taken offshore where there are many species of large game fish. There are also many areas for bird watching, and for guided walking safaris.


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