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Travel information and links regarding the UK's main airports including how to get there, airport hotels, car parks and lounges.


Cheap Air Travel


Ever since the Wright brothers proved to the world that powered air transport wasn't such a ridiculous theory after all, man has strived to go higher, faster and further.  Fortunately for us, these days we can add ‘cheaper’ to that list also.


Aviation has developed at a tremendous rate of knots since those early pioneering days of flight, helped along in no small way by two world wars. This ultimately led to the development of the jet engine and its refinement into the power source that now propels such engineering marvels as the Boeing 747 and Airbus A380.


With the high cost of living these days everyone is looking for a bargain and a way to make their precious holiday budget stretch a little further.  That translates to internet searches for cheap flights, cheap all-inclusive holidays - and cheap travel insurance! 

One of the main concerns for travellers in our current travel climate is the increase in Air Passenger Duty (APD), which has markedly increased the price of fares, especially for mid- and long-haul flights.


Today's airline business model has been honed to perfection to provide flights at a very low cost.  Ryanair and EasyJet are the main players in this area in the UK but an increasing number of regional airlines have joined in, offering very competitively priced fares.  


Ryanair:  Low cost airline with flights originating from a wide number of Irish and UK airports.

EasyJet:  With its unmistakable orange livery, Easyjet operate flights from a wide variety of UK airports.

Flybe:  Flybe believe that low fares do not mean low service. They claim that in comparison to the budget competition they continue to focus on customer service.  The airline flies from a wide variety of airports throughout the UK.

Fear of Flying

Air travel is such a way of life these days that fear of flying is a phobia which can become very restrictive for sufferers – especially if their family is also affected because foreign holidays are out of the question.

Fear of flying can vary in severity from anxiety during in-flight turbulence to not being able to board an aircraft at all.

Many airlines offer Fear of Flying courses, during which pilots and psychologists help attendees to understand the reasons for their phobia.  They explain the process of what happens to the aircraft during flights and how an aircraft becomes airborne.  For those who become anxious when there are strange rumbling sounds – usually due to the landing gear being retracted and lowered – it is all explained.  The course usually includes a flight, which may be optional.