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Asia is the largest continent in the world, offering travellers a vast array of cultures and types of terrain to be explored.


Students and young people flock to Asia, especially Southeast Asia, and countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, China, India and Japan. These destinations are often included in a gap year or round the world trip and certainly provide unique, fascinating, and rewarding life experiences


Before travelling to any part of the world it is wise to visit the FCO website to check for any current advisories against travel.  This is very important when travelling to Asia because of the vastness of the area and the potential for problems arising due to factors such as adverse weather or political problems. It is also important to remember that booking travel to an area of the world after a government advisory against non-essential travel has gone into effect may invalidate any related claims on your travel insurance.


Extensive preparation and research is needed before travelling through Asia.  Having the right backpack or luggage, as well as investing in the right clothing and equipment is essential to make travel as comfortable as possible.  Suitable clothing is important to help avoid sunburn and keep disease-carrying mosquitoes and other annoying insects away.  

Awareness of the local laws and customs is vital for staying out of trouble with the authorities.  Good guidebooks, phrase books, or Apps are vital to get the most out of any travel experience.


Check that you have the correct passport and visa information to ensure a smooth journey.   It is also important to be aware of weather events and the potential for natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis.  When possible, try to time your travel to avoid known potential weather events such as monsoon season.


Take out adequate travel insurance, or long-term backpacker travel insurance to cover any trip.   A backpacker travel insurance policy may be basic but usually provides cover for the most important (and expensive) items, while cutting out aspects of cover you may not need. 


Never risk travelling without travel insurance.  Levels of healthcare in parts of Asia may differ greatly, and emergency treatment can be very expensive.  Lastly, check that your policy includes all your planned activities, as well as adequate levels of insurance for emergency medical care and medical evacuation and repatriation.