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Japan has a rich heritage and has been a popular holiday destination for some years now. It can be an expensive destination but there can be opportunities for those on a tighter budget as well.


Japan is made up of four main islands: Moving from the north to the south there is Hokkaido, Honshu - which is the main island, Shikoku and Kyushu. More than four thousand smaller islands surround these four main islands.


There is literally something for everyone in Japan . Bustling cities such as Tokyo alongside fantastic natural wonders like Mount Fuji and the springs of Bepu make it a country of awe inspiring wonder. Although Japan is a leader in modern technology it has an intensely traditional society. Technophiles will love the wealth of brand new gadgets and gizmos on offer in Tokyo along with fantastic cutting edge fashion.


In Tokyo the districts of Akihabara, Roping and Shinjuku all offer all you could dream of in this respect. Nestling between huge skyscrapers and neon signage you can find centries old shines and pagodas making Toyko real city of contrasts.



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