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Kuwait is located in the Middle East on the Persian Gulf northeast of Saudi Arabia and south of Iraq. Pearl diving used to be the major source of Kuwait's wealth, until oil was discovered there in the 1930s and it remains a very wealthy society.


Kuwait gained independence from Britain in 1961 but was then attacked by Iraq in 1990 and the Americans intervened and liberated Kuwait.

Kuwait is a modern and sophisticated place mixed with Arab tradition and culture. A place where you can see camel races or designer shopping malls. It is a predominantly Muslim country and visitors should read up on etiquette before they go. Dress codes need to be observed by visitors as well as using sensitivity when taking photographs. During Ramadaan strict rules must be obeyed which include no eating, drinking or smoking in public places until after sunset.


Kuwait City is the capital of Kuwait . Although it goes back a long time in history, the present day city is a very modern and busy city with high-rise buildings, luxurious hotels and world-class restaurants.


Arabic is the official language but English is widely spoken and understood. The population is comprised of mainly Kuwaiti’s with other Arab peoples, Asians, Iranians and other races.

Kuwait offers much for the shopper, with its fashionable malls and downtown Souks or the Friday market, which is comparable to a flea market. Weekend is on Thursday-Friday and most shops close from 1-4:30 pm although there are now some shops open 24 hours a day. There are many great restaurants, offering cuisine from all over the world, but alcohol is not served.


Kuwait has many great beaches for water sports enthusiasts, including scuba diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, jet-skis, water skiing, sailing, etc. Boat trips are available to visit nearby islands.


One of the most famous sights in Kuwait is the Kuwait Towers , which has an observation area and restaurant. There are several museums and a planetarium, recreational parks, a zoo and botanical gardens among other attractions to visit.


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