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The Philippines consists of more than 7,100 islands lying east off the coast of Vietnam. Although over 100 of the islands are actually population the bulk of the 87,000 population live on just 11 of them.


All in all there over 101 different languages spoken and 97 different ethnic groups which make the Philippines a real mixture of different beliefs and ideals, however, you will be hard pushed to find a friendlier or more hospitable place. It is no wonder that the islands are known as the ‘smile of Asia’.


The Philippine archipelago is famous for the contrast between huge, modern cities like Cebu and Manila and the much more primitive regions which often lay relatively untouched by the western civilisation. Much of the terrain is mountainous on the main islands but the surrounding smaller islands nestle in clear waters with beautiful white sandy beaches.


Overall the Philippines are a warm and friendly place to visit, with the added bonus that the people speak English, as it is an official language.



The Philippines can be described as tropical marine and has a northeast monsoon from November to April and southwest monsoon between May and October.





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