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For hundreds of years Russia has been many things to many people; an enigma, friend or an enemy of the West depending on the direction of polital winds. It is no doubt then that this has always been a land of great mystery and intrigue to Westerners.


Russia has many historic and cultural treasures and has a rich and varied landscape with much unspoiled beauty. It’s people are known for being industrious, hospitable and bright. A multitude of the culturally rich have been born of Mother Russia including Catherine and Peter the Great, Dostoevsky, Pushkin, Tolstoy, Nabokov and Tchaikovsky amongst others.


The largest country in the world, Russia is far larger than Canada or the USA and stretches from Poland to Korea and from the Polar north to the deserts of Asia .


Unsurprisingly it also borders more countries than anyone else. It also has a hugh array of sites and attractions to visit, the best places to start being Moscow and St. Petersburg with their gothic churches and world class museums and palaces, but branching out into the lesser known areas can bring huge rewards to the traveller who is prepared to explore a little.




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