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Australia is located between the S. Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean and is not only the world’s sixth largest country but also the worlds smallest continent.


It has mountain ranges going from south to north on the eastern side of the country. The western part of the country is mainly desert plateau with hilly areas closer to the western coast. The island of Tasmania lies approx. 26,000 miles off the SE coast of Australia.


Australia was first settled by the Aborigine people who arrived from Southeast Asia and lived very close to nature, being known as hunters and gatherers. The Dutch arrived in the 1600s and the land was renamed as New Holland. The British and Capt. Cook arrived in Australia ’s Botany Bay in the 1700s in the area which is today known as Sydney . At that time the land was renamed New South Wales . The British began sending its convicts to Australia and set up penal colonies for approx. 60 years at Port Jackson which is now known as Sydney . The settlers and former convicts eventually set up six colonies, known as Tasmania , Western Australia , South Australia , Victoria , Queensland , and New South Wales . Settlers flocked to the new land in search of gold and minerals and sheep farming quickly became popular. In 1901 Australian attained independence from the British but remains a part of the Commonwealth under Queen Elizabeth II.


English is the official language, but with other native languages also spoken. The population is comprised of many races, but mainly Caucasians, with some Asians, aboriginal and other races. The main religions are Anglican, Roman Catholic, and other Christian faiths.


Australia ’s island state of Tasmania is located south of the mainland, separated by the approx. 250km Bass Strait . Tasmania has a large World Heritage area and spectacular scenery with rugged mountain ranges, scenic coastlines, lakes and wilderness areas. Other significant cities in Australia are Sydney , Melbourne , Brisbane , Perth and Adelaide.

The Great Barrier Reef on the east coast is one of Australia ’s most famous tourist destinations, with visitors flocking to the city of Cairns . The Great Barrier Reef is a favorite spot for scuba divers and snorkellers. Queensland also has diverse areas of tropical rainforests, waterfalls and national parks.


Australia is blessed with a very outdoorsy lifestyle with great swimming beaches, surfing, scuba diving and all manner of water sports. There are also areas of desert, and cosmopolitan cities.


Sydney , the capital city of New South Wales , is a must-see for any visitor with its famous postcard pretty Opera House and the Sydney Harbor Bridge . It is a city with something for everyone, with its multitude of restaurants of all ethnic types, great shopping and nightlife.


Considered one of the wonders of the world, a place most people will have heard of is Ayers Rock, which is always popular with visitors. This large, mysterious, formation of magnetic sandstone rock is located in the Northern Territory of Central Australia. Situated in Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park , the Rock is approx. 340km SW of Alice Springs. It is known as ‘Ayers Rock,’ ‘The Rock,’ or by its aboriginal name of Uluru. The Rock was named after Sir Henry Ayers, a Premier of S. Australia. The Rock is approx. 320 km high, and buried over 2.5km under the surface. There are many myths and legends associated with the Rock and it is believed to hold magical powers. The aboriginal people hold many ceremonies and rituals and the Rock still influences their behaviour. Ayers rock is a favourite spot for photographers due to its changing light and colours.

Australia is also a winter sports destination in their winter season, with great skiing in the Alpine National Park in Victoria at the resorts of Falls Creek and Mount Hotham , and other areas such as the Snowy Mountains in New South Wales.

Melbourne , the capital of Victoria , is another big exciting and cosmopolitan city with great nightlife, restaurants, festivals, and theYarra River flowing through it.


Perth is the capital of Western Australia . It is a sophisticated city with beautiful scenery, situated along the Swan River . Perth has beautiful beaches along its ‘ Sunset Coast .’ Perth is located next door to the port city of Fremantle . Just off the coast of Perth is Rottnest Island with its lovely sandy beaches and sparkling waters where you can go snorkeling, diving, swimming, sailing, fishing, or play a round of golf.



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