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New Zealand



New Zealand is a country of stunning beauty and abundant natural resources.  Consisting of North Island and South Island, and a number of smaller islands in the Pacific Ocean, the country is filled with vast open spaces, rugged countryside, fantastic beaches and a temperate climate.


New Zealand’s capital, Wellington, is situated on the coast in the south of the North Island and is surrounded by rolling hills and has a population of around 180,000. In summer (January) the average maximum daily temperature is around 20 degrees C (69F) dropping to an average minimum of 6.2C (43F) in winter (July).


his is a great country for driving with well kept roads and stunning scenery.  The two islands are well served by ferry and air services. Rather than a comprehensive network of railway services, New Zealand offers a collection of scenic rail journeys. They’re a great way to experience magnificent remote areas that are not accessible by road.


New Zealand has a temperate climate, but has sharp regional contrasts. You can be on a hot sandy beach one minute and within a half hour drive walking on a snow swept glacier.



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