Antigua and Barbuda Travel Guide

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Antigua and Barbuda



The twin island nations of Antigua and Barbuda are in the Leeward Islands of the Eastern Caribbean Sea and part of the Lesser Antilles archipelago.


Antigua and Barbuda also include several smaller uninhabited islands.  The islands are famous for beautiful pink and white sand beaches and luxurious resorts. Barbuda is the quieter and less developed of the two, and includes a bird sanctuary. The islands are perfect beach getaway destinations for relaxing, beachcombing, snorkelling, scuba diving, fishing, golf, horse riding, and a host of other activities.


The islands were once part of the British Empire and the British influence is still evident in much of the culture and language.  The capital, St John’s, and English Harbour are some of the most popular sightseeing spots on Antigua.  The Fort at English Harbour still exhibits canons that were used by Admiral Horatio Nelson.  Currency is the East Caribbean Dollar.


Express ferry services run between Antigua and Barbuda, which take about 90 minutes, or there are slower ways to travel by boat or yacht charter.  Air services are also available for an island hop. 

The famous and reliable trade winds that have attracted sailors to these waters over the centuries still attract sailors today. Antigua Sailing Week is a famous and well attended event, held annually at the end of April.  It normally includes a host of beach parties, steel bands, calypso, reggae and soca music (think ‘Feelin’ Hot, Hot, Hot’). 


If you desire peace and solitude you may want to avoid this time, and also the period around Antigua Carnival, which takes place at the end of July.  Check for an updated schedule of events to either avoid or experience regular activities that attract a lot of visitors.




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