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Barbados is located at the eastern end of the Caribbean islands, north-east of Venezuela and part of the chain known as the Windward Islands . It gained its independence from the UK in 1966.


Barbados is still famous for its production and export of sugarcane and molasses, but tourism has become the main industry. It is a fascinating mix of old and new architecture and traditions. The majority of the population descends from Africa but all speak English. There is much history and an interesting variety of architecture to explore on the island.


Many of the first tourists to this island were rich Europeans and Americans, seeking a retreat and enticed by the healthy air and sunshine. Barbados continues to attract the health-conscious looking to relax and get away from the stresses of modern living. Because it has no rivers, the island’s pure water source is pumped from natural underground caves and lakes - which are another major attraction.


The island is mostly flat and surrounded by white-sandy beaches and coral reefs. It is therefore also a fantastic destination for water-sports enthusiasts with its excellent SCUBA diving and snorkelling. There is also kayaking, fishing, kite-surfing, paragliding, parasailing, sailing, surfing and jet-skiing – to name a few. The hill areas in the north provide lots of wildlife and tropical flora to explore.


Local guided tours are available to see the attractions, plus nature and adventure tours. Cars, bikes and scooters can be rented for independent exploration of the island’s sights. For the artist there will be much of interest in Barbados . Be it the local pottery, artwork and crafts, or jewellery.


For those who love to shop, or just want to pick up some souvenirs to take back home, shopping in Barbados is a wonderful experience. Tax-free, quality merchandise is available in air-conditioned malls, or in small villages, but make sure you take your airline ticket or passport with you. Broad Street in Bridgetown is one of the best shopping areas. An area called Pelican Village on the outskirts of town is ideal for picking up local arts and crafts such as straw items and artwork. There are many other shopping areas to be explored.


If you are looking for exciting nightlife too, then Barbados will provide all you could wish for, with excellent restaurants, dinner shows, nightclubs and music events. You will be fully transported into paradise accompanied by the sounds of reggae and calypso music. You can dine in a romantic restaurant overlooking the beautiful Caribbean Sea and watch the sun set, or explore the island for local cuisine and seafood. Be aware that casual clothing is acceptable in restaurants by day, but night-time dining requires more formal dressing. It is also advisable to book your table, especially during the busy season.



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