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Puerto Rico


The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico is a commonwealth associated with the United States. It is a volcanic Caribbean island, located between the Caribbean Sea and the N. Atlantic Ocean , and east of the Dominican Republic. The capital, San Juan , is also a major harbour in the Caribbean and situated on the shipping routes to the Panama Canal.


The island was inhabited by native people until the island was claimed by the Spanish in 1493. Hundreds of years of colonisation decimated much of the native population who were replaced mainly by African slave labour. Following the Spanish-American war Puerto Rico became a part of the U.S. Puerto Ricans have United States citizenship but are not able to vote in U.S. elections. The island was granted self-government 1952. The population is mainly white with Spanish origin, and the main religion is Catholicism. The official languages are Spanish and English.


The capital, San Juan is a very modern city, much like a U.S. city, but retaining its cultural Hispanic atmosphere as well as aspects of many other cultures. It offers museums, cathedrals, parks, forts and many other cultural places of interest.


Puerto Rico is a popular destination for visitors who are seeking great beaches and lots of sunshine. Surfing is world famous at certain beaches and there are all manner of water activities, such as fishing, scuba diving and snorkelling the coral reefs, kayaking, windsurfing, fishing etc. For a break from the beach, there are golf courses, tennis courts, and horse trails.


Puerto Rico has some of the most wonderful beaches in the world. There are miles of coastline with beaches to suit any taste, from gorgeous white sand to sand dunes or and black volcanic sands.


There are many cultural places to visit to learn about the rich and varied heritage of the island. Puerto Rico is unique in that the island contains many different types of terrain. There are mountainous areas, areas of thick vegetation, arid areas and as the island is not huge it is possible to visit and experience all the different terrains that Puerto Rico has to offer. For nature lovers there is lots of interesting fauna and flora, and there are many trails to be walked or hiked.


At the end of the day San Juan is the place to be for nightlife, with its great dining, clubs, bars and casinos. There is also great entertainment to be found on many other parts of the island, from fine dining to rustic places on the beach. It is a real tropical island paradise.



Climate / Weather
The climate for Puerto Rico is regarded as tropical marine with insignificant season change. The climate is excellent year-round, with average temperatures in winter of 82F and 86F in summer. There is some welcome cooling effect in the coastal areas, however, from the trade winds. Also the mountainous areas typically have cooler temperatures.



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