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St. Lucia


Saint Lucia is a volcanic island and part of the Windward Islands of the Eastern Caribbean , lying just south of Martinique. It is between the N. Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, and north of Trinidad and Tobago. The terrain is mountainous with fertile valleys and a mountain range which runs from north to south.


The Arawak Indians were the original inhabitants of the island, who were subsequently ousted by the Carib Indians. The Spanish and French both visited the island and in the 16 th century Saint Lucia was colonized by the French. In 1814 it became British territory and was made a part of the Windward Islands . Saint Lucia gained independence in 1979. It is now a parliamentary democracy and part of the Commonwealth with Queen Elizabeth as the head of state and a governor-general representing her.

The population is mainly black with other races such as E. Indian, white and others. The dominant religion is Roman Catholic with some Anglican and Protestant.


St. Lucia is a beautiful island and tropical paradise. It is well known for its twin cone-shaped, volcanic peaks of Gros Piton and Petit Piton. The peaks can be seen from many miles away. The island is fertile and green with forests and banana plantations.


The capital city, Castries , is the central point of the island. It has an old market which is worth a visit. A few miles south of Castries is Marigot Bay which is a natural harbour where there are opportunities for all kinds of water activities.


St. Lucia ’s main attraction has to be its gorgeous palm-fringed, white sandy beaches. Other activities on the island include camping, or seeing the island by bicycle, ATV, or even horseback. There are plenty of places offering horses with a variety of terrain, including the beaches. St. Lucia is a mecca for snorkelling and scuba diving in the clear warm waters and also has very good deep-sea fishing for big game fish, including the sought-after Marlin. There is windsurfing, parasailing and water skiing, and it is possible to rent yachts or just about any type of vessel to enjoy the beautiful waters.


For those wishing for a more relaxed pace there are mineral baths, spas, botanical gardens, tours of plantations and cultural tours. Typically British pastimes are to be seen, including cricket, golf and tennis. Shoppers will be kept happy wandering through the markets and craft shops which sell items including baskets and necklaces.


There are plenty of good restaurants and nightlife activities such as beach parties and barbecues with steel bands and other island music. Most of the hotels and resorts have a variety of entertainment with live bands and performers.


There is much to keep nature lovers busy on St. Lucia . The St. Lucia National Rain Forest is a haven of flora and fauna, such as orchids and humming birds with nature trails, waterfalls, and many species of bird life. Popular activities are hiking, trekking, turtle and whale watching, and jeep safaris. Saint Lucia is a great place for whale watching with many different species passing through during the year. There are also National Trust nature reserves located on nearby islands which can be accessed by boat.


Climate / Weather
St. Lucia enjoys a tropical climate year-round. The coolest time to visit is Dec-Apr with average temps 70-80F. The warmest time is May-Aug with average daytime temp. 80-90F. The wet season is Jun-Nov, although rainfall is not constant. The island is cooled by trade winds year-round.



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