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Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory on the southernmost tip of the Iberian Peninsula, west of the Mediterranean coast of Spain.


Gibraltar borders the Strait of Gibraltar to the south, with North Africa roughly 14 km (approx. 9 miles) across the Strait. The North Atlantic Ocean lies to the west of Gibraltar, and the Mediterranean Sea to the east. Gibraltar is joined to mainland Spain by a narrow isthmus – which is the main reason for the problematic traffic queues and delays entering and leaving Gibraltar – especially during peak times.


The ‘Rock’ itself is not very large, measuring less than 2.5 square miles. Gibraltar is a self-governing British colony and member of the European Union (through the membership of the UK). It is also the southernmost tip of Europe, at Europa Point in Gibraltar – famous for its lighthouse.


English is widely spoken, as well as Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.  The currency is Sterling. 

Getting married on ‘the Rock’ is very popular. Many celebrities have tied the knot there, including John Lennon and Yoko Ono in 1969, and Sir Sean Connery.  There are no residential requirements involved so getting married is easy, although it is wise to make arrangements in advance.


A cable car to the top of the Rock is a must for visitors, and the views are spectacular over Gibraltar, along the coast, and across to Africa.  The cable car stop-off points are a good place for your introduction to the Barbary apes (just hang on to your ice creams, cameras, belongings – and dignity!).


The Alameda Botanical Gardens is a popular place for visitors to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature.  An outdoor theatre provides a variety of concerts and entertainment, and it is also popular as a wedding venue.


Gibraltar is a popular holiday destination, as well as for day trips and shopping forays from neighbouring Spain. 


Many outdoor activities are available, including sailing, fishing, scuba diving, and rock climbing. Gibraltar is also very popular with birdwatchers as it is on the bird migration route between Europe and Africa.


A variety of beaches, and several marinas provide plenty of opportunities for beach lovers to enjoy, as well as water sports.


Being mainly soft limestone, the Rock has many tunnels running through it, some of which are manmade with an interesting history. Several of the tunnels are open for tours, and others are under control of the government. The history of the tunnels tells of times of strife and sieges. St. Michael’s Cave is a popular attraction with its amazing stalactites and stalagmites.

Boat tours in the bay are available for sightseeing and dolphin and whale watching trips.


European Health Insurance Card


Visitors with a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) are entitled to free emergency medical care, but this should never be used in place of comprehensive travel insurance.  For example, the EHIC does not cover travel problems such as lost or stolen luggage or property, cancellation and curtailment, and expensive matters like personal liability, legal costs, ongoing or non-urgent medical care, air ambulance and medical repatriation.




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