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If Poland is not already on your wish list as a holiday destination then perhaps it should be.


You may be surprised to discover all that this beautiful country has to offer and how much more you can see and do for your money. Poland offers a relatively inexpensive option compared to many other destinations in Europe. 


Poland is an increasingly popular holiday destination for the British and others from within Europe, especially with the easy availability of low cost or budget flights.  This is just a sample of all that Poland has to offer, but there is so much more.



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Poland is in Central Europe, bordered by the Baltic Sea and Kaliningrad Oblast (Russia) to the north; Lithuania, Belarus and the Ukraine to the east; Slovakia and the Czech Republic to the south; and Germany to the west.  If you plan to visit neighbouring countries while in Poland check beforehand to ascertain which documents are required to cross borders. 


Polish is the official language but many residents speak English, French or German.  Poland joined the EU in 2004 and the currency is the euro. 


Warsaw is the capital city of Poland and well worth a visit. The Old Town has been rebuilt and it is now a fascinating and modern city, but also packed with history, culture and historical sites.  Attractions include the Royal Castle, Palace of Culture and Science.  The Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site, dates back to the 14th century.  Visitors can stroll and browse in the narrow alleys and streets, visit galleries and museums, and enjoy some relaxation at the cafes and restaurants or take a horse-drawn carriage ride.  In summer the city hosts jazz concerts and a variety of music festivals.  For a change of pace you could see the city from the water and take a boat ride on the Vistula River. 


Krakow is known as the cultural capital of Poland and it is a lively city. You can relax at one of the street cafes in the Main Square and then stroll the Royal Route. The Old Town is a World Heritage site and a big attraction for visitors.  Other places of interest include Krakow Castle, the old Jewish quarter, and nearby salt-mines.  It is also possible to take a sobering visit to the former Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camps. 


Poland is a land of lakes, forests, castles and fortresses.  Major cities and places of interest include Gdansk, Lodz, Wroclaw, Poznan, Malbork and Torun. Poland’s major rivers are the Warta, Vistula, Oder, Bug, and Notec.


Czestochowa in the south on the Warta River is a pilgrimage site and also home of the Black Madonna at Jasna Gora monastery. Another popular highlight is a visit to Chopin’s birthplace.  The ancient Bialowieska Forest is worth a visit to see the European bison. Visit the spectacular Table Mountains, or Slowinski National Park on the Baltic coast to see the shifting sand dunes.

In the west, the city of Wroclaw is a must-see for visitors. It has become known as the Venice of Poland for its picturesque rivers, canals and bridges.


Beach-lovers may prefer Western Pomerania and the Baltic coastline of the north for the lovely sandy beaches and resorts such as Sopot. The area known as the Tri City includes the seaside towns of Sopot, Gdansk and Gdynia.  Gdynia hosts the annual Heineken Open’er music festival.  The area is also known for its amber deposits and souvenir amber items are popular, as well as visits to the Amber Museum.



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