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Russia, also known as the Russian Federation, is the largest country in the world – crossing nine time zones. Russia has more than twenty UNESCO World Heritage Sites and many beautiful national parks and nature reserves.


Because of its enormous size Russia has very diverse terrain and climate patterns, from Arctic tundra in the north, to grasslands and plains, to its many popular coastal resorts and spas.  In the far north the climate is subarctic and polar with very harsh winters. In the coastal areas of the Black Sea the climate is subtropical. Russia receives a large amount of snow during winter and the time between winter and summer is brief, with the coldest temperatures normally occurring in January and the warmest in July. 


Russia has a fascinating history and an extended trip is needed to take in all the interesting places to visit.  The capital city, Moscow, lies on the banks of the Moskva River and is the most common arrival point for visitors. The Kremlin, which sits on Red Square, is a World Heritage Site, ancient fortress, and residence of the Russian President. The ornate Saint Basil’s Cathedral is a much-photographed building with its easily recognisable onion-shaped domes.   Moscow boasts dozens of parks, gardens and attractions.


No trip to Moscow would be complete without a visit one of the space museums, or a trip to Star City, northeast of Moscow, which is an active astronaut-training centre.

Moscow’s Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics highlights the history of the space race and space exploration and is a popular attraction for families. The Museum has a large and attractive steel sculpture monument on its roof, which depicts a rocket taking off atop a long wall of steel flame. The museum features a full-size model of the Mir Space Station and Sputnik satellite and a tribute to the first man in space, Yuri Gagarin.  It also features exhibitions of the space dogs (Strelka and Belka) that were the first to go into space and return in one piece.


The beautiful city of St Petersburg lies northwest of Moscow and is known for its beautiful and ornate architecture, history, museums, palaces, canals and culture.



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