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Serbia (officially the Republic of Serbia) is a landlocked country in Southeast Europe. Serbia borders Hungary to the north, Romania to the northeast, Bulgaria to the east, Macedonia to the south, Albania, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina to the west, and Croatia to the northwest. 


Belgrade is the capital city of Serbia.  The city is surrounded on three sides by the rivers Danube and Sava.  Belgrade has a turbulent history, having been razed many times, but it has emerged a modern and lively city, with a rich cultural history.  There is plenty to see and do, including the Bohemian quarter, Fortress, the Old Palace, New Palace, and cathedral.  


Belgrade’s nightlife is buzzing and mainly centres around clubs and restaurants on rafts and floats on the rivers, which offer dining and live music.  The centre of Belgrade is the place for shopping and to find designer fashion boutiques, restaurants and museums. 


Novi Sad is the capital city of the province of Vojvodina and second largest city in Serbia, situated on the Danube river in the north of the country.  Pristina is the capital and largest city of Kosovo in the south.



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Serbia’s mountain ranges are rich with a wealth of summer and winter sports activities.  The many national parks are renowned for their outstanding beauty. Kopaonik and Brezovica are probably the best-known winter sports areas for skiing.  In summer the mountains offer a wide range of outdoor sports and recreational activities.  The surrounding areas provide a diverse selection of sightseeing opportunities, including interesting historical and archaeological sites, religious buildings, monasteries, wineries, spas, galleries and museums.


Popular activities in Serbia include white water rafting, sailing, log rafting, caving in the many karst and other cave systems, hiking, climbing, fishing, horse riding, cycling, and birdwatching. 

Serbia offers a wide choice of natural mineral spring spas and health resorts, including the well-known Zlatibor.  Many of the spas are situated at the base of the country’s mountain ranges.  The spa tradition dates back to Roman times and remains of some Roman and Turkish baths still exist. 



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