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Slovakia (the Slovak Republic) is a landlocked country located in Central Europe and shares borders with the former Czech Republic and Austria to the west, Poland to the north, Hungary to the south and Ukraine to the east.  It is a country with plenty of natural beauty with its rugged mountains, lakes, caves, forests and meadows. 


The Carpathian Mountains are a major feature of the landscape across the northern part of the country.  The south and east of the country are mainly lowlands and agricultural areas.  The main river is the Danube which connects Bratislava with Budapest and Vienna. Other rivers include the Hron and Vah.


The population is mainly comprised of Slovaks, with some Hungarians, Roma, Czech and Ruthenian/Ukrainian, German and Polish.  The official language is Slovak, with some Hungarian, Roma and Ukrainian also spoken.  The dominant religion is Roman Catholic, with some Protestant, Greek Orthodox and Evangelical.



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The capital, Bratislava, is located on the River Danube in the SW of the country and is the political, economic and cultural centre of the country.  The historic old town area is popular with its medieval castle, cobblestone streets and cathedral.    There are all the museums, shops, galleries and restaurants you would expect to find in any city, as well as the romantic river Danube.  Other attractions include: Bratislava Castle, the Zoo and Botanical Gardens, St. Martin’s Cathedral and the National Gallery.  There are many hiking trails within the city as well as the hills surrounding the city.  Bratislava is a day trip to Vienna and can be accessed by car, train, bus or by boat. 


Slovakia has plenty of diverse activities for those seeking either a relaxing or adventurous holiday.   The High Tatras of the Carpathian Mountains are a popular winter sports destination, as well as the lakes for summer activities.  There are many ski resorts in the northern part of the country, offering skiing, snowboarding, cross country, etc.  For an extra bit of excitement there is ski mountaineering, which is a mix of downhill skiing, climbing and ski touring.  After all that adventure you can soak away your aches and pains with a relaxing trip to one of the many thermal spas and mineral springs which are said to have curative properties.  Slovakia has scuba diving in its scenic lakes, caves systems and reservoirs.  Many of the country’s caves are open to the public for tours, or can be arranged privately. Cycling and hiking are also popular activities with a number of trails.  There is also fishing, canoeing, boating and swimming on the many lakes and rafting on the rivers.


Slovakia has plenty of good restaurants, theatres, museums and other cultural places, as well as modern shopping malls, markets and gift shops which sell anything from traditional crafts to the native wine, cheese and chocolate of the area. 



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