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Spain remains one of the most popular sun, sea, and sand holiday destinations, especially for British holidaymakers.   Spain is situated in southwest Europe, bordered by Portugal to the west, France to the northeast, and the Mediterranean Sea and Gibraltar to the southeast.  From Gibraltar it is only ten miles across the Strait of Gibraltar to Morocco, in North Africa.  Spain enjoys a lovely climate, with a high number of sunshine days annually.


If you plan a beach holiday, always observe and obey any warnings on the beaches.  Be alert to jellyfish, as these can be a problem in the Mediterranean Sea from time to time.  Purchase a good guidebook or download pictures and information from the internet so that your family can recognise potentially harmful jellyfish and other sea creatures and stay clear of them. The Marine Conservation Society website ( is a useful resource and they offer a free downloadable jellyfish guide.

If you plan to rent a car and drive in Spain remember that they drive on the right.  To avoid disappointment it may be wise to book your rental well in advance as there have been occasions during peak holiday times when rental vehicles have been in short supply.  The rules of the road are quite different in Spain, so read up on the requirements for driving abroad before you get behind the wheel.  The FCO website has some useful advice regarding driving abroad. The currency in Spain is the euro.


It is now (since January 2011) illegal to smoke indoors in public places in Spain, such as restaurants, bars, shopping areas, hospitals, schools, airports, etc.   Failure to observe this law could result in a substantial fine.  Be aware also that rules are strictly enforced regarding public drinking and sexual activity in public – including beaches.  Fines could be anything up to €1,500.  (It


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is worth a reminder here that intoxication could also result in denial of any related claims on your travel insurance).  


Barcelona:  If you plan to visit Barcelona, be warned that the city is on a campaign to clean up its streets – especially since it has become a popular destination for hen and stag parties.  It is now (June 2011) illegal to wear bikinis or swimming suits or trunks on the streets.  Those caught baring too much skin in public, away from immediate beach areas, could be hit with a fine of up to £262 (€300). Those caught in the nude away from designated nudist beaches face fines of up to £437 (€500).
It is still okay to wear swimwear on the beaches and in the immediate vicinity of beaches.  It is not okay for men to go shirtless on the streets away from the beaches.  On-the-spot fines are handed out to those unwilling to comply with the law, so be smart and pay attention to posted notices and warnings!   Note that it is also illegal to drink from cans and bottles on the streets of the city of Barcelona.      



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