Greenland Travel Guide

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Magnificent scenery, enormous icebergs and spectacular fjords - this has to be Greenland. in South Greenland, the whizzing dog sledge trips in North and East Greenland and the multicoloured houses you encounter in every town along the coast.


The imposing silence is also very evident when people discuss Greenland. Thus nature is central when most people think of Greenland.


Like all other countries, the Greenlandic seasons each have their distinct features. However, to our visitors, summer and winter tend to be the most valued seasons. Obviously, summer in South Greenland is longer than summer in North Greenland; After all, we are dealing with a country which in length equals the stretch from Scotland to the Sahara Desert or from New York City to Denver.

Summer in South Greenland starts in June and ends in mid-September. The further north you get, the shorter the summer.

But anywhere you go in Greenland, the summer has something special to offer.


As for most things in Greenland, the climate is influenced by the ever-present ice. Around eighty percent of Greenland is beneath ice, up to four feet thick in places. Its summer days are long and light, while its winter days are dark and cold. The ice is partly responsible for the formation of large high pressure systems that dominate the area during the Spring and Summer, making these the best times to visit and enjoy the typically calm and settled weather.




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