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Totronto, Canada

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Toronto is the capital city of the province of S. Ontario, Canada and located on Lake Ontario which lies to its south. Quebec lies to the east of the province of Ontario and Manitoba to the west, with Hudson Bay and James Bay to the north and east and the Great Lakes to the south. It is Canada ’s largest city, with over 4.5 million inhabitants, and a major commercial and financial centre. It is also the fifth largest city in N. America after Mexico City , Chicago , Los Angeles and New York , and the seat of government for the province. The St. Lawrence Seaway has made Toronto a very important port. Apart from being a thriving and growing business and industrial centre, it is also a popular tourist destination.


The city is very ethnically diverse, with large numbers of immigrants from dozens of countries such as China , Africa and the Caribbean . Although the two official languages of Canada are French and English, other popularly spoken languages in Toronto are Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Italian and Tamil.


Toronto is a growing and modern city, but also has many historic buildings. A recognized structure in the Harbourfront area is the tall CN telecommunications spire, standing at just under 2,000 feet.


Sports enthusiasts will know that Toronto is home to the Blue Jays baseball team who play at the Skydome stadium. They also have a national hockey team, the Maple Leafs, and many other successful sports teams including the Raptors baseball team, and the Argonauts football team. Attractions include the Hockey Hall of Fame. There are also several them parks and leisure and entertainment centres as well as a zoo.


Toronto is known for its culture with its great museums, galleries, opera houses and theatres, as well as its classical orchestras and dance companies. There is also a great choice of restaurants, coffee shops and bars, especially in the downtown area, as well as a buzzing nightlife with several late-night establishments offering music and dancing until the early hours.


The Centreville Amusement Park with all its rides and attractions is located just a short ferry ride away on one of the islands. The Toronto Islands , which were formerly sandbars, have been developed for recreation and are accessible via foot, bicycle, and bridges or by ferry.


There are many ways to experience Toronto : by subway, bus, train, streetcar, bicycle, on foot, or even by helicopter. There is also an Underground City of walkways, PATH , which provides covered access all across the city and where it is possible to enter the subterranean world to do your shopping.


Toronto has everything you would expect of a cosmopolitan city, with great shopping and lovely parks. If you need a break from the city, there are beaches to the east of the city, the spectacular Niagara Falls to the west, and winter sports skiing areas to the north.


For skiers and snowboarders, Centennial Park Snow Centre and North York Ski Centre are both located on Toronto ’s doorstep offering both day and night skiing. There is also indoor or outdoor ice skating.


The world famous Niagara Falls is located just across Lake Ontario . Just a few miles from the Falls, The Niagara Parks Butterfly Conservatory houses hundreds of tropical butterflies in a rainforest setting.


Art lovers will enjoy Toronto for all its galleries and museums of art, as well as its classes and exhibitions. Many galleries have selections of art from the Pacific Northwest Coast and Native Indian art, jewelry, sculptures, masks, totem poles, etc.


The Toronto International Film Festival is held yearly and attracts many A-list film stars. Toronto is referred to as the new Hollywood of the North by many in the entertainment industry due to its expanding TV and film production.



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