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The ancient home of the Incas, Peru is a fascinating country full of adventure and excitement. The main attraction has to be the lost city of Machu Picchu , which was only discovered long after the last Conquistador had left. Scientists are still puzzled by the place and some have even suggested that the Nazca lines are landing sites for UFO’s! Failing that they could have been used to grow potatoes, which originated in Peru!


It’s not all about history however. Peru is also home to parts of the Amazon Jungle and is regularly visited by people in search of cures to many of the world diseases. Many believe that the knowledge of Shamans or medicine men using the local plants and herbs may be the key. You may not be the courageous type, but lighten up.


Peru is working hard at becoming an up to date country equipping itself to face the future. The five star hotels, the restaurants, and the nightlife will amaze you. So come and explore this thrilling land, rich in history and traditions.



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