The days are growing noticeably longer at last so we can only hope to escape any more seriously nasty weather.  If your feet are itching and you can’t wait for your summer holiday how about visiting Venice during their annual Carnival.  Yes, it will probably be crowded… but isn’t it always.

Venice Carnival runs from 11-21 February 2012 (which includes Valentine’s Day – in case you didn’t notice).

Why not pack your bags.  You don’t have to wear a mask or gown, or pay hundreds of euros to attend a fancy masked ball.  It is almost as much fun just hanging out at a café near St. Mark’s and watching the masked and costumed revellers making their way to and from the expensive events.

If you are quick you could buy a ticket for a guided walking tour (with a masked guide) and learn about the mystery and history of Venice, including the La Fenice Opera House and the legendary Casanova.  For a reasonable price you could join in with an organised Venetian-style pub-crawl.  If tickets are not available or you’d rather go it alone why not follow Hemingway’s footsteps and stroll over to Harry’s bar for a Bellini cocktail or take in a classical concert.  No one should visit Venice without taking a gondola ride, so tailor your activities to suit the travel budget.

We just looked at a Venice Carnival website and tickets are still available for some events.  Good luck finding a flight and hotel at this late date, but last-minute deals are often available so why not give it a try.

Single trip travel insurance is very cheap – from just £4.19 – so there’s no excuse for taking any risks.   Go on, treat yourself – and take someone special!

Flickr cc Image credit: anja_johnson

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