Recent media attention about the escalating cost of travel insurance for older travellers has caused concern, with some companies reported to have more than doubled premiums.  There are fears that seniors may feel they have no choice but to take a risk and travel without insurance.  Pensioners may think they can no longer afford to take foreign holidays.  Either way, it is not good news for our older generations.  Our retirees have worked hard and deserve better!

Insurers tend to fear that senior citizens are more likely to experience some type of health problem while travelling.  However, it is also increasingly true that due to advances in medicine and healthier lifestyles our older generations are generally in much healthier.

A Travel Insurance Direct spokesman commented as follows:

“As one of the leading independent travel insurance companies on the web we are pleased to report that our Seniors travel insurance has not increased over and above any of our other policies and we hope that it will continue this way.  We ask that if you are a senior, or you know any seniors who are considering travelling without insurance on their next holiday please give us the opportunity to offer a free quote at – we hope you will be pleasantly surprised. ”  Link:  Travel Insurance Direct

Travellers of all ages – but especially seniors – should  check with their GP before booking and paying for any holiday.  If there are any medical concerns related to pre-existing medical conditions it is important to get your doctor’s okay that you are fit to travel, and then arrange for inoculations (if needed) and adequate supplies of prescribed medicines.

Flickr cc Image:  Jakub Michankow

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