This is a good time of year to check the expiration dates of all your travel documents.  While taking care of these boring details it might be a good time to consider putting all your affairs in order.

March and October are Free Wills Months in England and Wales.  It is technically a ‘free’ service but the aim is of course to encourage a bequest to one of the participating charities.  If you are over 55 and need to make or update your Will why not do it now – and help a charity in the process.  The scheme is not available in all parts of the country so do a search to see whether there is a participating solicitor in your area.  A similar scheme is usually run in Scotland during September or November.

It’s not a pleasant thing to think about for anyone, at any stage of life.  However, while planning your holidays and renewing passports, EHIC, and travel insurance it is also important to think about keeping your affairs in order.  Consider the stress it would cause your next-of-kin to have to sort out your affairs if you should die intestate, especially if your wishes are not known.

Cancer Research UK also runs a free will service with details available on-line.  Other charities offer free will writing service for people of any age, so check with your favourite charity for details.

Of course, you don’t have to wait for Free Wills Month to take care of this important matter.  Will Kits can also be purchased for a simple will.  An on-line search will unearth plenty of information, ideas and links.  If you have significant assets then you should consult with a solicitor without delay.

Before your next holiday or trip why not take care of your will and travel with peace of mind.  You only need to do it once and then update as needed.  With any luck you will need to renew your passport and EHIC many more times!

Flickr cc Image: King Chung Huang

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