There is no question that Travel Insurance is confusing to those who are new to it and do not understand it.  A few months ago the Foreign Office published information on the findings of the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) which revealed the shocking reality that one in five Britons travel without insurance. One reason for this is a lack of understanding of  insurance and the benefits it offers.  Another reason is a mistaken belief that the consulate – or someone else – will pick up the pieces and pay the bills if things go wrong when you are abroad.

The first step when purchasing Travel Insurance is to choose between Single-trip or Annual Multi-trip insurance.  This is the easy part.  If you travel abroad more than twice a year the Annual Multi-trip policy is the best choice and obviously works out cheaper than paying for Single-trip insurance each time you travel.  One advantage of this type of insurance is that you can travel when you please within the period the insurance is in effect.  With the Annual Multi-trip policy there is also less chance you will forget to take out travel insurance each time you travel.  Travelling without insurance puts you at enormous financial risk if anything should go wrong – especially when it comes to medical bills for accidents or emergencies.  Winter sports insurance is an option to add to the policy if you think a future skiing or snowboarding trip is a possibility.

If you are sure you will only take one overseas trip in a year then Single-trip insurance is very inexpensive – but also comes packed with excellent levels of cover for your money.  In most cases it is true you are likely to pay more for drinks and snacks at the airport than for Single-trip insurance!

Travelling without insurance is taking a silly risk, even if your trip is just for one or two nights.   It is a good idea to secure travel insurance as soon as you buy your travel tickets to take advantage of ‘Cancellation’ protection under your policy.  Single-trip policies give Cancellation cover from the purchase date of the insurance.  For Multi-trip policies the Cancellation cover starts on the date you choose for the policy to begin.  We hope this is helpful.  Watch our future posts for more tips about travel insurance.  Please check our FAQ section for more ‘frequently asked questions’ about insurance.

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