Happy Easter and safe and slim travels!  What’s the ‘slim’ part?  Well, a warning to the, um, less than slim:  before all you ‘chocoholics out there dig into yet another egg this Easter give some thought to your waistline and how much you like to travel – especially if you like to fly.  Airlines are making increasingly loud noises about implementing a so-called ‘fat tax’.

Michael O’Leary, CEO of Ryanair, is taking steps to cut weight on flights.  Many airlines already charge overweight passengers for an extra seat – or bump them to a later flight if extra seats are not available.  So, if you think you may have trouble buckling your airline seat, or lowering the arm-rests, definitely put down the chocolate eggs!

Ryanair recently requested its flight attendants to watch their diets to avoid putting on weight.  The airline is also making weight-reducing cuts such as changing the size of its in-flight magazine, cutting down on the amount of ice onboard, and reducing the weight of seats and trolleys.  What’s next?  Michael O’Leary is in favour of introducing a ‘fat tax’ for overweight fliers.   Other airlines are busy implementing changes, such as substituting plastic cups for glass in first-class and removing magazine racks.

A recent UK appeals court ruling may mean that overweight passengers will no longer be able to attempt to sue an airline for causing them embarrassment over their weight.  Therefore, be warned, it may only be a matter of time…

We’ll leave out the ‘slim’ part for now (at least until after Easter) and just wish you all safe travels!

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