A friend was recently caught out… so if you plan to go travelling with a smart phone or similar device we thought a few timely tips might just help prevent any nasty shocks.  A lack of preparation could mean a huge bill for international roaming on your return.  Frequent travellers will already know all this, but then sometimes we all need a reminder…  Roaming charges are astronomical – especially for EU citizens travelling outside the European Union.

If you plan to go travelling with your smart phone we have put together a few tips:  well before your intended travel date remember to

  • Call your service provider to check whether International Roaming is available in your destination country - and activated on your device
  • Find out  the charges for data roaming
  • Check the terms and allowances of your current mobile contract
  • Check with your provider if they have any special offers or temporary deals
  • Avoid downloading attachments or downloading anything while abroad
  • Especially avoid watching videos, films or television – or pay the price!
  • Consider asking your provider to block or forward unnecessary calls
  • Remember to tell your regular contacts not to call, but text if necessary
  • Use free Wi-Fi hotspots when possible, find an internet café, use Skype
  • Consider purchasing a PAYG sim at your destination or rent a phone
  • Enter emergency numbers into your phone and keep a hard copy (such as nearest consulate/embassy, travel insurance claims number)
  • Make a written note of the number to call your phone service provider (you will need this if your phone is lost or stolen)
  • Lock your phone and change the password from the factory setting
  • Make a written note of your phone’s serial number

If your phone is lost or stolen while abroad, contact your service provider as soon as you can to report the loss.  There are horror stories of people receiving huge bills for calls made.  Also report the loss or theft to local police and get a written report (if needed - to claim on insurance). 

Oh, and don’t forget to pack a phone charger!

This is just a friendly reminder and a few tips for travelling with your smart phone. We would love to hear your travel tips and feedback, so feel free to contact us via Twitter or Facebook.  Safe travels!

Flickr cc/Alex E. Proimos

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