Today marks 100 days until the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 Olympics in London.  Much guesswork and speculation persists in the media, especially among travel providers, over the mood of the British people and whether they will choose to stay at home during the 2012 Olympics or leave it to the visitors and head overseas.  Are you staying or going?

It is understandable that those living and/or working in the London area might dread the thought of dealing with the influx of visitors, not to mention crowded public transport.

If you are in the camp of those planning to escape, this is a good time to start searching for holiday deals.  You don’t have to take a long-haul flight and incur the high APD taxes.  There are plenty of great places not too far away on the continent.  The euro exchange rate is not bad at the moment, with the pound at the strongest it has been for well over a year.  Popular non-euro sunshine destinations, such as Turkey and Egypt, are always in demand.

Here are the relevant dates:

  • Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations – long holiday weekend from 2-5 June
  • The Olympic Games begin on 27 July and end on 12 August
  • The Paralympic Games run from 29 August to 9 September
  • UK school summer holiday dates may vary from district to district, but run somewhere around 25 July to 5 September

A holiday within the UK is no longer a very cheap option, what with the cost of petrol and everything else – and there is no guarantee of good weather! If you are heading to the continent then at least, if the exchange rate holds, your pound will stretch further than it has done in well over a year and you are more likely to return home with a bit of a tan.

It is certainly Britain’s year to shine.  So, which camp are you in?  Are you excited about the upcoming events, as London dusts itself off and prepares to welcome visitors from across the globe, or are you going elsewhere?

Flickr cc: Sean MacEntee

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